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Healthcare brand, marketing, and business development solutions that are cost-effective, value-based, and results-driven.

Welcome to Infinia+

A look at how we've helped clients build, sustain and grow great brands for more than 20 years by combining expertise, experience, and technology.

Our strategists, creatives, and technologists are here to
ensure that your performance objectives are met. Guaranteed.


Here's how:

‍1. You submit a service request
2. We craft a solution
3. Results delivered in 24-72 hours

The Infinia+ Advantage

We create, execute, and manage value-based, business-development, marketing and communication programs that help providers build referral networks, elevate patient experiences, and contain costs to drive growth.


On-demand strategy, creative, and growth support

Client Success

1:1 guidance from a
Client Success Manager

Creative Output

Customizable, cost-effective, creative assets

Business Development

Develop, launch, and maximize campaigns


Dashboard and growth analytics

Brand Center

Curation and storage of
all creative assets

Working Together

As value-based care continues to evolve, so does the need for effective branding, marketing, and business development services.

To meet the demand of outpatient care providers, we offer the flexibility to access our 20-years of experience and expertise. Whether you engage us on a fixed-fee basis, as a fractional CMO, or as part of a subscription-based service model, you'll receive the following:

- Broad sector knowledge
- Access to a network of subject-matter experts
- Assistance in controlling costs, improving patient awareness, and contributing to better outcomes
- Cost-effective and flexible solutions tailored to your needs and delivered in a timely manner

In every case, we invest the necessary time needed to gain insights into your culture, capabilities, and growth objectives.
Then, we conduct an analysis and craft a custom work plan that focuses on value creation.

Add-on Services

  • Photography

  • Video Production

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Website design & development

*We work collaboratively with you to
understand your needs, and tailor
levels of support accordingly.

**Digitally submitted service requests
are returned to subscribers within
24-72 hours for review and use.

***The proven Infinia+ digital platform
is designed to help you manage and
maximize content, tools, templates,
and other branded assets.


Why subscribe to Infinia+?

To save money, conserve time, and accelerate growth through on-demand access to our team of experts and our digital platform.

What if my needs don’t align with the provided plans?

In this case, we'll work with you to craft a custom solution.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes. Outputs are crafted to your specifications, and if adjustments are needed, we'll continue to work closely with your team to ensure your satisfaction.

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